Promotion and Communication

TIF-HELEXPO operates an integrated promotion network using modern communication methods to ensure high effectiveness of approaching target-audiences interested in the exhibitors in Greece and abroad.

The promotion and communication of Sportexpo Marathon will be particularly dynamic, utilising:

  • The extensive network of communication sponsors (television stations - radio stations, magazines and specialised websites operated by TIF-HELEXPO).
  • Digital Marketing communication tools (Web – Advertising ,  Ε-newsletters , Google Display Network, Facebook , YouTube, etc.).
  • Mass Media, with advertising spots and interviews on television and radio stations and in magazines and newspapers.
  • Direct Marketing, with the dispatch of information material and invitations to the target-audiences that are of interest to exhibitors.

Organisation of business meetings

TIF-HELEXPO has long experience and certification in the organisation of exhibitions in various sectors. With its extensive technical knowledge in the development of energies and business networking, the agency can effectively interconnect visitors and exhibitors by organising pre-arranged business meetings.

Important business contacts

Important business contacts between the enterprises participating in Sportexpo 2016 and OWNERS OF SPORTS STORES, GYMNASTS, COACHES, GYM OWNERS, THE GENERAL PUBLIC, ATHLETES, HOTELIERS, etc.